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Miami Heat Plan to Create “Spark” with a New Night Club

The city of Miami has never been one of conservatism, but always¬†on the cutting edge of what is “cool” in pop culture. From their new stadium for the Miami Marlins with fish tanks behind home plate to the flashy images of South Beach, just watching a sporting event is a thing of the past.

The Miami Heat are in discussions with SBE Entertainment Group to add a nightclub/lounge to the American Airlines Arena. Called Hyde, SBE plans to add a club in addition to one that already exists in the Staples Center in Los Angles.

I see how they are trying to make going to a sporting event more of an experience, but I don’t think that every city is quite ready for a nightclub that has five star chefs in their stadium.

I believe that sporting events are pricing themselves out of the market that is actualy there for the game and not a social event.


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